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Deregulation Chills in Texas: We The Rich not We The People.

I got the Deregulation Chills so bad.

So I’m in Texas freezing my ass off because my electricity has been out for three days.  The reason is “deregulation.”  Yep, “Deregulation,” that thing the Republicans have been pushing down our throats to get power out of We The People hands, and into the We The Rich hands.  Ronald Reagan gave us our first look at deregulation by deregulating the banking system which ended up costing We The People a shit load of money after the S&L Crisis of 1988.  If you don’t remember the S&L Crisis I’ll just remind you that it cost the tax-payers billions to bail out the failed banks who took advantage of deregulation and instead of doing loans as they were designed, started doing things with insurance products and stock options which still can’t be defined. The bottom line is the rich bastards walked away with their profits and we paid their bill.  Yep, Deregulation. 

Electricity use to be a government program, but deregulation allowed it not to be.  Plain and simple.  Rich Boy Investors took over the job and made lots of money, for in Gods Country, that’s all that matters.  Of course they were more worried about their profit margins and so instead of spending the money it took to be ready for a once in a lifetime event like we are presently experience here in Texas, they said, “Fuck it, let them freeze if they think they are cutting into my profits.”

So here we are in Texas and the governor who should be solving the electrical grid shutdown is doing… nothing but blaming it on the liberals. WTF! Instead of confronting a problem with truth and facts, it’s blame, blame, blame, which, takes the focus off of the real problem: profits over safety for the 99%.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbot blames wind turbines, Green New Deal policies for outages…. 

Enough is enough.  It’s time we protect the people, not the profits.  

~~ Dr TV Boogie

Finding a graveyard in Dallas

Finding a graveyard to shoot in:

I’ve shot two times in a graveyard and both times was run out — fortunately,  after I had enough footage, but not the footage I wanted!  So, this time I figured I would get permission, take my time, and maybe not feel so guilty about forging the location release — we’ve all done it.

Well, I don’t do it anymore.

So, I found this cemetery in Dallas by accident.  It just popped up from a parking lot I was in one day like the land of OZ.  I saw these bad-ass headstones from a not-so-fancy apartment complex through a chained fences: very old, very gothic, but not too cluttered like you sometimes see.  Anyway, I drove around and couldn’t find it.  Seems you have to enter the alley behind the SW BEll building to get to it.  It’s the McCree Cemetery in Lake Highlands off of Walnut and Audelia (9938 Audelia Rd).  Yeah, how many years have I missed that.  It’s cool, it’s very open with enough tombstones to give you the perfect backdrop and plenty of space to setup a jib.  Furthermore, the latest anyone was buried there was like 1942.  And the coup de grace, its a Historical Landmark.  Image

Well, I searched for week trying to find the owner (some guy called Ingress Egress) only to discover that ingress egress is the Latin word for the right to enter and leave.  So, I called the Dallas Film Commission and as usual they were extremely helpful.  They informed me it was private property and even gave me the ℅ address of the person.  Unfortunately, finding that person was as hard as finding a cemetery behind an eight story building in an alleyway:  the address didn’t exist.

So, I figured I had done my due diligence and would just go for it, but, have a location release from another cemetery as a backup plan.  That’s when I came across the words: McKinney Texas is Film Friendly.  “McKinney Texas,” I thought, “no way.”  Well it is.  And the graveyard I have permission to shoot is…  well, that will come in a later post because it is close to Halloween and I’m sure a lot of us are looking for cemeteries right now…

Oh, however, here is a clip I shot with my DSLR one afternoon with Melissa on one of our afternoon walks with the dead.  It’s something we do for fun.


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