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Get ready boys and girls, hard times are coming from the Trump-Eugenics Party

“Why yes, I eat children…so what?”

Far be it for me to say something bad about Donald Trump, I mean, as you know I’ve been avoiding bad news by watching bubble sports.  Still, I fear that my voice is needed.  My factual voice in a very non-factual time.  

Right now things are bad.  The Republicans I used to call Neo-Cons are now considered liberals.  This is how far right we have swung.  Last night, Mitch McConnell swore in another 6 Right Wing judges.  They’ve almost done it.  They’ve almost destroyed the world as we know it to give us their conservative vision of a country without social programs for the poor, and crazy-low tax rates for the rich.  For those of us in the know we know that the rich conservatives believe they are God’s chosen people.  They believe God has blessed them with their richness.  The slaves who worked their great grandparents plantations, or the wage earners who worked in their factories, are losers.  In other words:  rich is heaven’s gift, poverty is heaven’s judgement on those not worthy.  Social Programs to the rich are: get on your knees and pray to me for a dime, and I’ll consider it. That’s why they really hate social security and lunch programs for the poor.  They don’t like the idea of me and you having something we didn’t get from busting our backs making them a profit. 

This thought process started with Eugenics and is now the new Donald Trump party in the USA which I call the Trump-Eugenics Party.  

In case you’ve forgotten, Eugenics advocated selective breeding.  That’s right, the more Aryan blood, the mo’ better.  Problem is, before the 19th century there was no such thing as an Aryan race; instead, there were  groups of warring tribes taking things from each other.  The tribe with the best fighters and biggest ships, took things.  This had nothing to do with smarts and everything to do with resources, aggression, and stupidity.  Stupidity because they couldn’t see that there was plenty to go around if you didn’t have the gluttonous types wanting way more than they needed.  Yes, a socialistic government.  

This is clear to see to most people and this is why Mitch McConnell is swearing in conservative judges to back them up when the socialist revolution begins and those of us who don’t get in line with their greed and hate policies are arrested and sentenced to where all good liberals are headed: prison — if not there already.  They know it is happening.  This is why Donald Trump has to remain president no-matter what.  A fair election will turn the USA into a Democratic Socialist State.  One where gluttonous behavior is not rewarded, but considered a sin.  A good old-fashion biblical sin.  

Get ready boys and girls, hard times are coming, for a short while, but then better days are here and they know it.  Stay strong.  

~~ Dr TV Boogie

A Southern Man Still Don’t Need Him Around!

Tax-Cut-For-The-Rich-To-Starve-The-Poor Ronald Reagan

Okay, I tried, I really did.  I tried to cover my ass to keep from getting arrested when the Trump Police start rounding up liberals here in Dallas, but can’t.  This is why I’m ripping up my Liberal Republican membership card and joining the human race.  Things have gotten so bad with President Jerky Jerk, that even the historical bad guys and gals are speaking out against him.  Take for instance the founder of Tax-Cut-For-The-Rich-To-Starve-The-Poor Ronald Reagan.  The guy who gave us today’s “Trickle Down Government” mess, his Foundation wants the Trump Republicans (Jerky Jerks) to stop raising money off of Reagan’s legacy.  Ouch, that’s got to hurt, the guy who gave us today’s high rate 1%-ers who are benefiting from Trump’s tax cuts and stock market welfare, can’t even stomach their own guy.

President Jerky Jerk
“Me and Trump ride horse together on romantic night. He gay, not i.”

Speaking of people who can’t “stomach” Trump, Neil Young, the old-time acid rocker has come out and asked Trump to stop playing his songRockin In The Free World” at his Neo Nazi rallies.  Okay, that’s great, but for those of you too young to remember, not only doesn’t a Southern man need Neil Young around  (from a Lynyrd Skynyrd song), the guy actually was so drugged up in the 80’s he came out in support of Ronald Reagan’s “Welfare Cuts.”  That’s right, when the former hippie saw the tax advantages of being a 1%, he came out in support of Reagan.  What’s funny about this is that the last time I heard Neil Young interviewed he said the only reason he was still playing live music at the age of 90 is because the people who work for him on tour have families and need the money.  That’s right Mr. Cinnamon Man, they don’t have a safety net and will be working until they die no thanks to you and other Republicans.  So, for those of you paying attention, that puts Young on my Jimmy Fallon list of people I’ll never forgive for having been dicks.

I Now Support Donald Trump and Everything He Stands For.

George W Bush with Dr Fauci.

So I’ve gotten some comments wondering how I could now, after all these years of being a full-fledged liberal Democrat, have joined the Climate-Denying Racist Republican Party — if they’ll have me. 

Well, as I  alluded to in my last post on the subject: Trump is sending in Federal Agents to cities to stop the “liberal democrats” from protesting. and well, I’m afraid.  

There, I said it.  

Trump is serious about shutting up liberals like me with his police state and it looks like his death-cult followers are okay with it, so, if I know what is good for me I’ll do as he says.  It will be way easier if I just stand down and let them do as they please because I’m just a poor peasants who really needs to shut the f**k up and stop rocking the boat.

There are other reason too for my change of heart: for one, I now see I was wrong about President George W Bush.  I was one of those liberals who called Bush an idiot and didn’t give him a chance much like the Trump supporters are now doing with Joe Biden.  I judged George Bush without giving him any credit for the positive things he did like stand up to the Anti-Vaxxers by getting a vaccination on public TV, and then I laughed at him for speaking to the NAACP convention without giving him any credit for doing so.  

George W Bush with a Black Baby.

So if I was wrong about George W Bush, I must be wrong about Donald Trump and just can’t see it yet.  So,  I’ll not listen to that inner voice that tells me the environment needs saving and every person in America deserves healthcare, and instead start seeing that the important thing is more tax cuts for the rich and deficit spending for the military.  It’s that simple.  Those liberal voices in my head are wrong, stupid, bad. 

So, when they start arresting liberals here in Dallas for protesting against police brutality, or worse, trying to vote by mail, I’ll have this post to save my ass because:  I NOW SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP AND EVERYTHING HE STANDS FOR.  BEING LIBERAL MADE ME BLIND.  DONALD TRUMP IS BRILLIANT, SMART, JUST LOOK AT HIS RECENT COGNITIVE TEST IN THE NEW YORKer:

  ~~ Dr TV Boogie (Trump Supporter)

Why I am Now A Republican (and why you should be too if you don’t want to go to jail).

So here we are in Nazis America.  Trump is sending in Federal Agents to cities to stop the “liberal democrats” from protesting. Don’t be fooled, he’s doing it now to have them in place come election time when he appoints himself king.  Trump is using the Putin play book and gaining control of the US just like Putin did in Russia.  Trump already has the Republican party, and over the last three years has stacked the federal courts with his judges and the justice department with his criminals.  If you know what is good for you you would shut the f**k up and become a Republican!  The writing is on the wall:

So, that is why I am now denouncing my liberal ways and joining the Putin Republican Party. 

God bless America, land that I love
Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with the light from above From the mountains to the prairies
To the oceans white with foam
God bless America, my home sweet home God bless America, land that I love
Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with the light from above From the mountains to the prairies
To the oceans white with foam
God bless America, my home sweet home From the mountains to the prairies
To the oceans white with foam
God bless America, my home sweet home
God bless America, my home sweet home

White Silence is Violence

More fires and destruction which they blame on the liberals.  Again, with the liberals!  They continue to blame us for everything from Ronald Reagan’s conservative agenda which gave us today’s wealth inequality, to the Donald Trump “riots” now happening in the U.S. — make no mistake, these protest are as much against the last three years of Trump’s hate as everything else.

Blaming liberals again makes me want to grab a torch and run downtown and say, “Fake News” — which is actually “Fuck You” in Trump Speak.  I’ve been to hundreds of protest in my life, from animal protection to the Bush Wars and all points in-between, and in most of the protest there is usually a guy everyone wonders, “What the Hell Is He Doing Here?”  In a protest here in Texas a few years ago, a guy with a cowboy hat threw a stone at a news building.  We pounced on him like White on Donald Trump, told him to get on his horse and ride the hell out of Dallas.  He was an instigator trying to make us look bad and we knew it.  In smaller marches it’s easy to see these assholes, in marches the size of today’s BLM, it’s not.  There are going to be radicals, some radical left and some radical right; those who want chaos, and of course, the looting criminal element who just want a pair of new shoes before things go back to normal. More power to them, the capitalist pigs steal shoes from us every day, what’s the difference?

We (liberals) don’t want chaos, we want peace, love, equal rights, fair pay with an equal wealth distribution, and they know it and so will bring on the hate to make us look bad.  It’s worked in the past, in the Detroit protest of 1968 when the term “riots” came in to being to defame the protesters,  I was one of the kids living on the East Side of Detroit.  There was a curfew.  I would play with my black friends until 6pm and then we’d go back to our warring families.  We didn’t care about the hate, we just wanted to play with our toys and be left alone.  I often wonder about my black friends that I played with as a kid.  Did they get out of the inner-city Detroit alive as I did?  Did they get the breaks I did?  I dropped out of high school, joined the Navy, moved to Dallas, and being “white,” blended in… somewhat.

I had white privileges, there is no doubt.  I got jobs with a GED where others had college degrees.  I was pulled over by the police more than once with a belly-full-of-beer and talked my way out of it with a handful of mints in my mouth.  I got fired from a job at nineteen as a security guard for sleeping on the job, and within a few months was working as a supply clerk for a manufacturing company making twice the money.  It sure paid being white.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this journey would have been tougher if I had been black.

White Silence is Violence! 

Enough said. 

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