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Put Down Your Hate and Join Us

 Hold on to your seats boys and girls, there’s going to be plenty of action in the final days of Trumpism as our prayers for Truth and Justice are being answered.  I was serving a group of conservative lawyers here in Texas who I know were big Trump supporters in the past and they were talking about how all the Proud-Boy-Qanon-White-Supremacist who attacked our capital this week should be arrested.  The tides are turning.  Finally!

Here at EsotericDaily.com I’m trying to make sense of it all and the only thing I know to do is to continue ignoring the crazy of the White Supremacist Pretending NOT TO BE and point out to them that THEY ARE WRONG, and we love them and so please put down your hate and join us. 

Having said that, I will try to talk to White Supremacist the best way I know: sports.  More precisely, Fantasy Sports.  In doing so I have created three Fantasy Basketball teams in tonight’s pool of basketball games.  

The first one is the White Team composed of randomly selected white players only:

The second team is the Black Team, composed of randomly selected black players:

And the third team is a mixed team of combined players from the both (note, I had to replace some to make the salaries work, but did so randomly by color of skin, just as the White Supremacist judge everything they do). 

Now, if I were a betting person, and obviously I am…

Well, let’s just wait and see what happens.

Join me tomorrow when we look at the numbers.

~~ from the iBook of Dr TV Boogie

Fortunately for us, Trump is not a very good politician.

Embarrassed Trump Supporters at Empty Arena.

So the Trump campaign said there were millions requesting seating for his Tulsa rally last Saturday.   The indoor sports center (Covid19 petri dish) could hold 19 thousand.  It was going to be a sellout with people being turned away at the door.  So much for the hype. In the end there were 6000 Trump supporters.  That’s the attendance numbers of fans left supporting their losing team with bags over their heads.

Tulsa empty seats for Trump.

Could this be the sign that Trump’s bigoted campaign has finally reached its end?  I for one think so, oh, they are sure to up the opticals by booking smaller event centers in the future, but Trump has lost the support he had four-years ago and all that are left are the radical fringe.  I would say this is probably 22 percent of registered voters.  An interesting number.  In his article “Signs of white supremacy…in active military groups,” Leo Shane III puts the number of active military people who are white supremacist at 1 in 5, or 22 percent.  Equally as disturbing is the report by Justice Security who have documented the same 1 in 5 breakdown of White Supremacist in Law Enforcement.   In that report, the author reports on how as early as 1989 Skin Head groups advised their members to become “ghost skins” and join the police department. 

Four years ago Trump got 63 million votes.  According to The Good Men Project, there might be 50 million white supremacist in the US.  That number feels right to me, and seems to fit well with Trump’s 63 million supporters he once had.  Fortunately, has Tulsa has shown us, at least 16 million of them are waking up.  All he has left are the White Supremacist. 

Bush and Clinton

Fortunately for us all, Trump is no politician.  If he could have pulled a Bill Clinton out of his ass and said something like, “I feel your pain….” after the police killing of George Floyd, his numbers would probably be better.  Or, if Trump would have pretended to be George Bush and said something like, “We’re in this together…” regarding the Covid 19 pandemic like Bush did after 9-11, Trump would have kept his 63 million.  Instead he showed his true colors.  Say what you will about Trump, at least he is incapable of hiding the evil inside of him as most politicians do.

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