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President Do Nothing and Governor Bully: the gifts that keep giving.

President Do Nothing
Governor Bully

So while President Do-Nothing Trump and Governor Bully DeSantis are telling us everything is okay and that we need to go back to work because the symptoms we are feeling are all in our head, and the death total now over 138000 people is a liberal lie, we are left out here to fend for ourselves.

I went and got a covid19 test yesterday.  It was a four hour wait, but I’m not complaining.  I got one!  Now lets see when I get my results.  Meanwhile, I’m going to an office today to work because to not do so would be turning down work, and you can’t do that and draw unemployment pay; so instead of committing fraud by turning down a job and saying I didn’t, I’m going to work with what I hope are only allergies — fortunately for those around me I’m not a Republican Dick and will be wearing a mask.

Another thing I’ve been working on this morning is to see if any of my hand sanitizers I bought are causing this blurry vision I’m having which I think might be allergies from the weed I’m growing in the backyard instead of the dreaded gift that keeps giving: Covid 19?  Apparently, some of the companies that rushed to make a buck by making hand sanitizer quickly did so using an ingredient that causes blindness.  Just for the record here are the hand sanitizers I’m using which are not on the list:

So if the hand sanitizer companies screwed up on their rush to make a buck, can’t wait to see the mess the vaccinations Trump will have them push out create.   Can you? 
— Dr TV Boogie

Right to Life?

The mission of National Right to Life is to protect and defend the most fundamental right of humankind, the right to life of every innocent human being from the beginning of life to natural death. … National Right to Life works to achieve its mission through education, legislation and political action.

You just read the Right To Life (RTL) Manifesto.  Funny how once the fetus has legs to walk, a mouth to eat, and brain to think, the RTL’ers don’t give a shit.  They let children starve right before their eyes and turn the other way.  They send our sons and daughters to non-essential wars to die.  And now, they won’t wear a f*(king face mask to protect our elderly and sick.  I have news for these shits:  times are a changing and taking a racist symbol off of a flag is just a start.  The Age of Aquarius is here.  It is official:  peace and understanding, equality, love, real love, not the I’ll-Feed-You-If-You-Accept-Jesus love they offer; the kind of love that looks at Vice President Pence and Sir Donald Trump and says, “I love you man. I really do.” 

How’s that for a positive Monday Morning blog?

In other news, WTF, we’re going to hell in a hand basket.  Donald Trump, or someone in his White House, knew that Russia had a bounty on our soldiers in Afghanistan?  Trump now says the reports weren’t “credible.”  Of course they weren’t credible to Trump!  Putin has those sex tapes on him and apparently they are pretty disgusting if Trump is willing to let him shoot at our people to keep them hidden.  I’ve said this over and over and over:  the greatest traitor in history was Bend-A-Dick Arnold.  He sold the U.S. out to our enemy then, England, and escaped by the hair of his ass to live out his days in England.  Donald Trump will soon do the same.  I expect him to fly to Russia any day now.  Oh, just in case you forgot from my previous post:  Benedict Arnold died on a June 14th, Donald Trump was born on a June 14th, shit like that doesn’t happen out of nowhere.  It’s part of the divine plan because this is the dawning of Aquarius when peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars… 

Let the sun shine…. (ha, now that song will be in your head all day, remember to leave a tip).

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