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Exclusive Footage of the 2020 National Convention.

 “Truth” is not property to be used as one pleases. “Truth” is truth and “falsehoods” are false.  Plain and simple.  Unfortunately, “truth” at this period of time is what one chooses to believe.  Take for example scripted Wrestling.  Fans watch these performances knowing they are fake, but choose to believe them anyway; it’s the same with today’s Trump Supporters.

Exclusive Footage of the Republican 2020 National Convention. 

Trump enters the convention with his second lady: Stormy Daniels.
Trump defeats his opponents.
Trump is nominated for a second term.
Trump accepts his nomination.
The Wild After Party with Mitch McConnell.


A pissing poem about Donald Trump titled: Criminal Imbecile.

 Okay, I’m still here.  I was hoping Donald Trump would be gone by now but he’s not.  I don’t get it.  Everyday I expect the rest of the world (the 35% who still support him) to wake up and say, “Okay, we f**ked up, this guy is a criminal imbecile.”  

I’m so confused by this that I wrote a poem called 

Criminal Imbecile.

(Spoken with the cadence of kids jumping rope.)

A criminal imbecile was elected president

 by a talking bad about the immigrant.

This criminal imbecile had no sense at all

 he took a million dollars and he spent it on a wall. 

This criminal imbecile once went to Russia

 where he was peed on in a shower stall.

The Russian spies still have film of it

 so in reality, Putin is our president.  

If this is the America that you want

 lay on your back and piss strait up

The piss will fall back on you in the same way

That Donald Trump is pissing today.
That’s my poem, sorry if I offends a few of my Republican fiends, I was hoping to offend you all as you have me with your closed-minded hate for the land of the free and home of the brave.

~~ Dr TV Boogie

The Adventures of Love & Peace, Pilot Episode.

 Since I’ve taken a break from the political scene, I’ve begun a new cartoon series. 

My Faith

What I want to talk with you about today is religion, good religion.  As you know I’m a Lotus Sutra Buddhist who believes in the Mystic Law.  It works for me.  We believe in equal-rights and peace, I’m down with that.  I’m a member of the Soka Gakai and our first president died in a Japanese prison for refusing to fight in WWII.  After the devastation of the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan in WWII, the Soka Gakai took a stance against nuclear weapons, and our current president has cornered the world talking with leaders about disarming all nukes. And if that isn’t enough, we are proud of our diversity which includes all nationalities and LGBTQ groups as well.   So don’t expect a room filled with Asian monks in orange and yellow robes, it’s not that kind of Buddhism. 

We believe there is a Mystic Law taught by Shakyamuni, the original Buddha, over 2500 years ago.  This law is nothing new, in a lot of ways it is similar to the positive message you see on The Secret TV series; only our transformation isn’t just a feel-good-for-a-few hours movie,  it is a way of life.  We chant the Mystic Law twice a day, and for me, this has changed my life. 

So this is how I’m avoiding the news of President Trump and Mitch McConnell.  Instead of letting their bigot, hypocritical ways bug me, I chant that they will come to find the Buddha within them and begin working for world peace, equal rights, and social justice.  I really think they can change for the better.  

 Now, that’s faith. 

~~ Dr TV Boogie

Alien Abduction Is Our Only Hope At This Point. A prediction.

If you would have told me that the day would come when I was living in a country where postponing a presidential election was a possibility, I would have told you it wouldn’t be the USA.    Of course, this was before Donald Trump.  Now, anything is possible, I mean, ANYTHING!  Not to be an alarmist, but has anyone given any thought to the fact that this guy, the clowns clown, is in command of the greatest stock pile of nuclear weapons on the planet?   Hello, if you’re out there alien saviors, come help us now.  

The Aliens Dance to their plan to save the planet from Donald Trump.

They came from a distant planet where people are equal and the rich don’t own you. 

Of course with their high technological advances, it only took seconds. 

They find the bunker where the crazy man with all the bombs lives. 

They find him tweeting in his living room. 

Hooray!!! They abduct him and the world is a safe place again.  

I watched Donald Trump yesterday.  He is so easy to read it is scary.  He just wants to be the center of attention.  Period.  That’s why he will do everything he can to stay the center of attention, and when he loses the election this November, there will be hell to pay.  His world will be over and so will ours if someone doesn’t rescue us from this egomaniac. 

Giving the spineless Republicans who are backing him, I’m praying for an Alien abduction to save our planet; it’s our best hope now. 

Evil World Leaders Put Evil Madness Hex on Crazy White Guy.

I consulted with my Chinese Fortune Sticks, the oldest form of fortune telling in the world, this morning.  I wished that Donald Trump loses the election this November.  The sticks said:  “You’re wish will come when you least expect it.” 

Then I asked about the bomb and got: “A light person very jealous will bring a quarrel soon.”

So, my reading of the sticks are as such:

 Expect a confrontation with a “jealous” world leader before the election, that’s right, a war.  We’re f**ked.  You heard it here first sports fans.

Electricity: Good Capitalism or Bad Capitalism, and Dog Cruelty.

On this day in 1890 the first execution by electrocution is carried out at the Auburn Prison in New York on William Kemmler.  Electricity was still a new thing at the time for there really wasn’t much use for it until Thomas Edison found a way to make it into light in 1879.  Electricity had been around since Benjamin Franklin experimented with his magic key and lightening — can I get an Amen, Benjamin Franklin was one of the few Framers of the US Constitution who fought against slavery most of his life by being a member of the Abolition of Slavery movements, and I support the BLM but also want to recognize those who did the best they could to end it in the past. — getting back to electricity: it was relatively new in 1890 and the 1%ers needed a way to make money off of it and so found a way to use it in law enforcement as quickly as possible.  That’s right, just as today, the Police State was a profitable business and still is.   So, when you hear “Defund the Police,”  it is this kind of shit we are talking about.  Also, I have to add that the company who supplied the electricity was Westinghouse and the owner, George Westinghouse, opposed his product being used for murder.  A lawyer filed an appeal claiming the electric chair violated the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment, but of course, there’s no stopping murder when it is sanctioned by the government.  Funny, but George Westinghouse’s consciousness for not using electricity for murder would alarm the other business leaders in the country that Westinghouse had a heart, a sign of weakness, and so they ruined him: George Westinghouse would lose everything over the next twenty years.  That’s how it works with BAD capitalism: you can’t have a heart, you can’t be kind, you can’t do the right thing and have crazy profits.  The two don’t go together. That’s the problem with today’s “Bad Capitalism,” and why if the Bad Capitalist don’t join the human race and change their ways, we are going to have to find another form of government.  I for one am still on the Good Capitalist bandwagon for now; you know, the Ben & Jerry capitalism where profits are divided more equitable, and the top guys and gals still make a shit load of money, but the bottom guys and gals make a decent living too!  what a f**king concept!!!

And now for something completely different, I want to talk with you today about animal cruelty and point you to PITA to make a donation.  We need to stop this shit now!  Here are some recent examples of bad pet owners.  If this doesn’t get you to open up your wallet and donate money I don’t know what will:

~~ Dr TV Boogie

Rainbow Love

So I’m still avoiding the Trump madness by focusing on better things, better people, better days to come.  In doing so I have been hitting my Buddhist studies hard.  Today’s instruction is from the “Rainbow of Hope” chapter in The Human Revolution

No matter how deep the darkness (Trump), no matter how fiercely the winds (Republican Enablers) blow, I hope you will keep a rainbow of hope in your hearts and advance in high and indomitable spirits.
A rainbow is a symbol of hope, ideals and lofty intentions.  And faith is the source of all of these.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking “What kind of Buddhism is that?”  To which I say, “It is both kinds, Country and Western (sorry, I knew one day I would find a place to use one of my favorite Blues Brothers quotes in my blog).  Seriously, the writing I just referenced (without the parenthetical additions of Trump and Republican Enablers added) is from  Nichiren Daishonin which you might know of us as Nichiren Buddhism.  We chant to a Gohonzon, which serves as a mirror to reflect and draw forth our Buddha existence, for we are all Buddhas.  You see, boys and girls, the Buddha does not exist in some far distant place but is in us, we are all Buddhas waiting to become ourselves, fulfilled, self actualized (if I might steal a phrase from “I’m Okay – You’re Okay” not to be confused with today’s Donald Trump version which is called “I”m Okay – You’re Nuts”), but I digress.

Of course, the importance of a rainbow doesn’t belong to the Nichiren Buddhist, in Hindu for instance,  the rainbow was used as a bow by Indra the god of thunder and war who shoots arrows of lightning at his enemies. Pre-Islamic Arabic culture also believed the rainbow to be a divine bow for firing arrows of lightning. For the Chinese, however, it was a crack in the sky made by colored stones cast by the mother goddess Nüwa.
Modern uses of the rainbow have everything to do with peace and love and not war.  The rainbow coalitionist was a liberal wing of the Democrat party back in the 80’s led by Reverend Jessie Jackson when he ran for president acknowledging our similarities as opposed to our divisive differences so often pointed out by Donald Trump.  Then, there is today’s rainbow flag which is used by the LGBTQ as a symbol of pride. 

Yes, the rainbow is a great symbol for love and peace and it should be no surprise that a double rainbow was seen in the sky over Washington DC as Representative John Lewis was resting in the rotunda. 

Rainbow Over Washing DC as John Lewis was in the rotunda… not an accident.

John Lewis was a kind, loving man who believed in equality for all.  Trump is his exact opposite.  Need I say more.

Bottom Line: Racism Is Ending and They Are Freakin’

Okay, so I guess you know by now I am really, really, really, really, really trying to avoid talking about the Donald Trump America.  This past weekend I hit the Buddhist teachings hard, I even made a Buddhist Positive Thinking Video which I am watching instead of the news.  I mean, it is so depressing to know there are so many haters in the US.  What they don’t get is that they aren’t the solution, they are the problem and we, the lovers of truth and equality are far more numerous.  The reason they are so upset now is that we are all finally standing up and saying “Enough is F**king Enough!”  Just look at these bizarre examples of their craziness:

Florida Man Arrested After Allegedly Slapping Woman and Yelling: ‘I’m a White Supremacist’

I couldn’t find the video to sample for you, so instead offer this video improvisation called “Racist Slap”:

Up next,

Couple who yelled ‘white power’ at Black man and his girlfriend arrested for hate crimes

This one is freakin scary as hell.  Here’s a clip of the video you’ll see on “Couple who yelled ‘white power’…” if it is still up:

I’ll spare you more, but they are a plenty.  Bottom line is: Equality is Winning and They Are Losing Control.

My Positive Affirmation In These Times of Trouble.

This Political Practice Needs to Stop Now!

So much creepiness in the US to write about, but nothing more creepy than politicians kissing babies, both sides do it, both sides need to stop.

Kissing babies is creepy, no matter who does it.

Wait, that's not a baby.  It's a teenager!

Wait, that’s not a baby, that’s a teenage girl you’re kissing Mr. Cruz, that’s even creepier!

“Not if he blacks out!”
“Or has Chloroform.”
“God, we suck!”
“Can’t Kiss this baby!”
“No more kissing babies while I’m first lady.”
“Or while I’m second lady either.”
“Is there no way out of here?”

Finding Trump Peace In Buddha and TikTok.

There is so much wrong in the US right now I need to focus on something else; something other than how Donald Trump now wants to ban the Chinese TikTok application in the US because they keep making fun of him; something other than how Trump’s Press Secretary said “blame the Democrats” when asked about the $600 addition to our unemployment checks that just ended because the Republicans don’t want to fund it; something other than how our Social Security benefits have been cut again by the Republicans and it doesn’t even make the evening news. No, I needed something else to think about so I hit my Buddhist studies hard and came away with this:

Dedicating our lives to the Buddha’s teachings means taking on the struggle inherent in the “threefold transformation of the land“: the struggle to fundamentally transform society — a place afflicted by the three poisons of greed, anger, and foolishness.  I also remembered that suffering idiots like Trump and the Republicans is a blessing for out of suffering comes enlightenment:

Enlightenment to vote Democrat this time.

If you haven’t already, sign up for TikTok now so you can join in on the class-action suit this fall!

Sample of a Trump TicTok
Sample of a Trump TikTok — such a little man.

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