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Death Ain’t Hard, Ask Proust.

It’s funny, faced with death from multiple tumors in my body, 

I laugh

 I laugh at the silliness of it all

The silliness of worrying about everything from love

to death

And how 

I wanted what I wouldn’t have

Never appreciating

what I had.

I wanted out

I wanted out of the black snow of Detroit

I wanted out of a cubicle job

I wanted out of my marriage

I wanted out of my limits

I wanted out of everything I had 

for that which I would never have 

And now, 

instead of wanting out of this dying body

I want out of death

~~ a poem written by Dr TV Boogie

“What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

Ahh yes, tables have turned and now the Democrats will be in control of everything as the Republicans have in one way or the other for the last 25 years.  I know what you’re thinking:  what about the two Democrat presidents and those 2 years we had the congress under Obama.  Answer is:  they still had the Senate and the Senate is everything.  Also, President Obama tried to pleasure the Republicans with happy endings by trying to find middle ground with them; when we all know there is no middle ground with Fascist.  And then, the Democrat before Obama, Bill Clinton, was a Republican light and did nothing for liberal causes other than Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Tables have turned and as the old bible prophecy goes:  “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”  In other words it is our turn to say Fuck You to the other side and push our programs.  No more Republican Light shit.  We want:

1. A fair wage for all workers: $15.00 minimum wage. 

2. Healthcare for all. 

3. Free public college like we had before the Republican-light Clinton’s and Fascist Republicans cut that shit. 

4. Diversity training for all Cops with Hate Crime penalties when they shoot someone “Accidentally.”  It’s wrong.  Cops are like pilots and need to know that if they are going to shoot an innocent person, then they just crashed their own plane.  

5.  Tax the Rich back to their tax rates under Ronald Reagan.  That’s right, if the tax rate they were paying was good enough for Reagan, than it is ENOUGH!  Stop cutting their fucking taxes while increasing our fees.  For you young ones, all these fees you pay in tolls for private highways, license fees on your car, tuition fees on books, insurance fees for high school sports, were all to make up for the loss tax revenues from cutting taxes for the rich.  That’s right, any tax cuts for the rich is made up in fees or sales taxes to you and me.

In conclusion: over the next two years the Republicans will cry foul because they aren’t getting their way.  Boo Hoo.  Remember the shit they’ve done in the last 25 years.  They shut down the government on Bill Clinton to cut spending, but gladly increased spending for George Bush and Donald Rump — opppssss, I forgot the T.  They forced more tax cuts for the rich in order to give Obama enough votes for his healthcare program hoping it would fail and millions wouldn’t be allowed healthcare due to preexisting conditions.  And of course, they wouldn’t allow Obama to appoint a vacant seat in the Supreme Court with 9 months left in his term, but when the seat came open for Trump with only 2 months left in his term they pushed through Trump’s pick. 

They have been bitch-slapping us like prison punks for 25 years now.  Enough is Enough: “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

~~ Dr TV Boogie

Put Down Your Hate and Join Us

 Hold on to your seats boys and girls, there’s going to be plenty of action in the final days of Trumpism as our prayers for Truth and Justice are being answered.  I was serving a group of conservative lawyers here in Texas who I know were big Trump supporters in the past and they were talking about how all the Proud-Boy-Qanon-White-Supremacist who attacked our capital this week should be arrested.  The tides are turning.  Finally!

Here at I’m trying to make sense of it all and the only thing I know to do is to continue ignoring the crazy of the White Supremacist Pretending NOT TO BE and point out to them that THEY ARE WRONG, and we love them and so please put down your hate and join us. 

Having said that, I will try to talk to White Supremacist the best way I know: sports.  More precisely, Fantasy Sports.  In doing so I have created three Fantasy Basketball teams in tonight’s pool of basketball games.  

The first one is the White Team composed of randomly selected white players only:

The second team is the Black Team, composed of randomly selected black players:

And the third team is a mixed team of combined players from the both (note, I had to replace some to make the salaries work, but did so randomly by color of skin, just as the White Supremacist judge everything they do). 

Now, if I were a betting person, and obviously I am…

Well, let’s just wait and see what happens.

Join me tomorrow when we look at the numbers.

~~ from the iBook of Dr TV Boogie


While the Quack-Anons are attacking democracy with no mask on their faces, the pandemic is getting out of control.  Japan and China have gone back into lock downs and we’re still rioting like it’s 1999.  There are facts and there are conspiracy quacks.  To be clear, here are images of the Quacks:

Minnesota Viking Fan Pissed Off His Team Is Not In the Playoffs, invades the Capital: Quack!
Ivanka Trump (need I say more) Quack! Quack!
President Trump Tells MAGA Rioters “We Love You!” Quack, Quack, Quack…

Finally, if it looks like a Quack, and Quacks like a Quack… well, it’s Donald Trump.

Who’s in charge here?

McConnell No Longer Fuhrer of Trump’s Evil Empire.

 Okay, both Democrats are leading in the Georgia Senate runoff race which will give the Democrats control over the Senate.  

As you know I’ve been hiding in my closet since Trump began his war on justice.

Me Hiding from Trump and his Evil Empire.

Hurray, now that the evil emperor king is going away,  maybe it’s time to come out of hiding again.

With the Evil Emperor dethroned, millions come out of hiding.

And the best news of all: Mitch McConnell is going to lose his position as Fuhrer of Punking The Democrats!

McConnell leaves angry because he is no longer the Fuhrer of Trump’s Evil Empire.

Happy 2021 everyone!

Same Old Republican Shit, Different President!

Here we go again.  President Elect Biden hasn’t even been in office yet and the Republicans are up to their old tricks: instead of debating on issues — which they always lose — they assassinate your character with elephant shit.   President Bill Clinton was haunted by a bullshit law suit for an investment he had made in real estate as the Governor of Arkansas.  It was the Whitewater controversy, which never amounted to anything other than a character assassination.   President Obama suffered eight years of being accused of having been born in Africa.  And now, President Elect Joe Biden’s son is being investigated for god knows what, and our new First Lady is being accused of not being a Doctor — she has a doctorate, which is enough to call a Baptist Preacher a doctor, i.e., Dr Criswell, but when used by a school administer it is a crime in the eyes of Fox News Propaganda Specialist (FNPS) Tucker Carlson. 

Here we go again, the Republican Mean Machine is going to do everything in their power to have you focus on something other than the progress we are trying to make as a civilization.  

Cut the shit Tucker Carlson, we’re not going to take it anymore.  You just wait and see. 

The Revolution Has Begun. 

And now a poem I’ve written about the Fat Ass Loser Leaving Office. 

Donald Trump and Jimmy Carter

Both go down in failure. 

One was a godly man.

The other a trash can. 

Can you guess of which one I speak?

Why yes you can, 

He’s a tweets. 

~~ Dr TV Boogie

Little Man/Little Desk and Thank God for my Union Job: I got me two good hands!

 Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving in the USA.  I’m most thankful that I have two good hands.  That’s right, I’m a union man, or as Steve Earle says:

I’m a union man just like my daddy and all my kin.

I took a union stand.

No matter what the company said, 

I got me two good hands. 

                     ~~ Harlan Man by Steve Earle

I’m thankful for other things too, for instance that they finally found a desk small enough for the little-man in the White House. 

Little Man/Little Desk

Invasion Earth: How Dr Who (Jow Biden) Saved Earth!

Wow, I watched a film on TCM the other day titled “Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.,” and it seemed to be telling the story of the “Trump Invasion Earth 2020 A.D.”  

How, you ask?

Okay, here you go:

First of all, the film tells about a group of earthlings who have good jobs with a retirement and healthcare so they are controlling the less-fortunate people wanting a $15.00 minimum wage and healthcare by calling them “Radicals” and “Socialist.”

In the above photo we see the brainwashed Earthlings (Trump Supporters) who have good jobs with benefits and so work for the fascist “Daleks” who have invaded the earth and want to exploit it for their greedy profits.
Above: Trump supporters bullying regular people around who want a working wage and healthcare.
The Mother Ship (Trump Hotel) where the leader lives.
The Red-Headed leader (Donald Trump) of the Daleks (Trump Supporters)
Just like now in places like Flint Michigan, you can’t drink the water because of bad Daleks (Republicans) policy.
Just like now, in Daleks 2150, the only structures that are benefiting from infrastructure money are Trump Hotels and a Border Wall.
In the film the people find the map that shows how the Daleks want to drop a bomb down a shaft to the center of the earth (See the Republican ‘Red’ shaded shaft in picture above) and use the earth as a rocket. Note* see Democrat ‘Blue Shaft’ as the way to save the planet. Can you say FRACKING CRAZY boys and girls?
But wait! The enslaved people won’t let the Daleks (Republicans) destroy the planet for profits and so revolt!
And with the help of Dr Who (Joe Biden) they get over 74 million people to help defeat the 70 million brainwashed Daleks!
To save the planet Dr Who (Biden) confronts the Red Monster (Trump) to save the world.
But first, he calls on the brainwashed Daleks for help by telling them the truth about the greedy red menace wanting to destroy the earth.
The revolt begins when the brainwashed people wake up to Truth!
And with the help of all good people, the red monster is tossed into a blue hole where he won’t be seen in public ever again.
And the mother ship (Trump Hotel) that held the red monster with on its lies and ugliness crashes in Georgia and is never heard of again.
And with the help of his hard working supporters…
and law abiding politicians…
Dr Who (Joe Biden) and the people who are no longer brainwashed by the greedy red monster save the planet!

Finally, just another example how the greedy bad people in movies are always Republicans. 

McCarthism is now Trumpism.

McCarthy knew he was a monster.

The election is over, yet, Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge his loss. 

What country is this again? 

Every morning I chant for love and peace for the country; since the election I’ve been chanting for truth.  Seems we’ve gotten a shitload of truth from Donald Trump and the Republican party: the truth that they don’t deserve to live in the United States of America, they deserve their own country where they can live with White-Minded people.   I say “White-Minded People” because they don’t care what color or nationality you are as long as you take their shit and believe their way of believing.  You know, that Jesus Christ was the only White Guy with Blue Eyes to be roaming around Israel 2100 years ago, and that the gazillion-dollar deficit in the USA is not from crazy war spending and tax-cuts for the rich, but from unwed mothers receiving food stamps.  And, most disturbing of all: Donald Trump is a Godly Man; that’s right, the guy who purchased a Porn Star for bragging rights is a godly man. 

I have a message for the Neo-Con, Right Wing, Fascist: your days are numbered and you know it.   Once Donald Trump and his enablers are gone you will not have power again for a long time.  The last time you had this power you gave us “McCarthyism,” for those of you who don’t remember McCarthyism, it was when the Republicans called anyone who didn’t see things their way Communist.  Today we call that period “McCarthyism,” just like in fifty years from now we will call this time “Trumpism,” and all the enablers like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham will lie and say they fought against it.  They didn’t.  Here in Texas we call them “Rhinestone Cowboys.”

Welcome to Trumpism.  

Democracy Wins/Putin Loses. Go Joe go!

I tell Trump to use my voting machines, he no listen!@^& 

  The vote is in: Democracy Wins / Putin Loses.  

Biden points for freedom; Trump raises Dr Strangelove’s Glove

I don’t expect Trump to congratulate Biden on his win, but I think Putin already has by announcing his resignation.  Trust me, the two go together, Putin is losing his man in the USA and will now have to deal with our military and boy is he scared. Go America!

I can’t believe Trump used my glove!

The facts are this:

America has repudiated the Republican/Trump madness.  On his first day in office Joe Biden will rejoin the Paris climate deal.  The Affordable Health Care that Trump promised to get rid of on his first day in office is still strong.  The Wall Trump built is… well… still there as it always was.  

Finally, Trump got 69 million votes.  That’s a lot of scary.  Reality is it is only around 21% of everyone.  Most conservatives vote because Jesus wants them to, most liberals don’t because we’re busy with other things like underwater basket weaving

And most important of all:  Cannabis wins big.  Since Trump has been losing pot stock has been soaring.  Yeah!!!

That’s it from the desk of Dr TV Boogie.  Go Joe, go! 

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