Same Old Republican Shit, Different President!

Here we go again.  President Elect Biden hasn’t even been in office yet and the Republicans are up to their old tricks: instead of debating on issues — which they always lose — they assassinate your character with elephant shit.   President Bill Clinton was haunted by a bullshit law suit for an investment he had made in real estate as the Governor of Arkansas.  It was the Whitewater controversy, which never amounted to anything other than a character assassination.   President Obama suffered eight years of being accused of having been born in Africa.  And now, President Elect Joe Biden’s son is being investigated for god knows what, and our new First Lady is being accused of not being a Doctor — she has a doctorate, which is enough to call a Baptist Preacher a doctor, i.e., Dr Criswell, but when used by a school administer it is a crime in the eyes of Fox News Propaganda Specialist (FNPS) Tucker Carlson. 

Here we go again, the Republican Mean Machine is going to do everything in their power to have you focus on something other than the progress we are trying to make as a civilization.  

Cut the shit Tucker Carlson, we’re not going to take it anymore.  You just wait and see. 

The Revolution Has Begun. 

And now a poem I’ve written about the Fat Ass Loser Leaving Office. 

Donald Trump and Jimmy Carter

Both go down in failure. 

One was a godly man.

The other a trash can. 

Can you guess of which one I speak?

Why yes you can, 

He’s a tweets. 

~~ Dr TV Boogie

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