Fleas know it: vote!

 It’s Friday and we’re f*(ked. 

So I’ve been avoiding news again this week, it’s disturbing.  Still, I have a few things to say.  

First, I can’t believe people “booed” Trump as he paid respect to the recently departed Justice Ginsburg.  It was stupid.  I know Trump brings it on himself by saying so many terrible things about those of us trying to make the world a better place, still, how can we demand more of them when we play right into their hand.  Trump knew he would be booed and that’s why he showed up.  We played right into his hands again.  

And on the recent death of the only true liberal on the supreme court, stop crying.  They win again, get over it.  Yes, with 9 months to go in 2016 when there was an opening on the court the Republican Senate wouldn’t vote on Obama’s appointee until after the election, and now with only 50 days before election these same Republicans are tripping over their dicks to elect another conservative anti-abortionist to the court and will.  And to the Democrats crying about it, shut the f&*k up.  YOU SUCK.  If the shoe was on the other foot you would do the same.  

So people, as you can see, I really don’t have any respect for either side.  They both are working for the corporation, not the people.  It’s time for a new party.  A real Peoples party.  A party that doesn’t bend over backwards for corporate money.  A party that respects the facts that their is a global-warming problem.  A party that doesn’t cut taxes for the wealthy while bridges are falling and children are starving.  A compassionate party.  It’s time. 

That’s all.  Enjoy your weekend.  Vote for Biden so we can have four years to figure this out without the Russian agenda Donald Trump so proudly supports.  In case you haven’t been paying attention, here are the things Trump has done that favored Putin’s Russia over the interest of the USA:

  1. Putin’s Goal: Weaken and divide the transatlantic alliance.
    • Putin’s Payout:Trump undermines US relationships with European allies and calls the US’s commitment to NATO into question.
  2. Putin’s Goal: Degrade the European Union and foster pro-Russian political movements.
    • Putin’s Payout:Trump attacks the EU and actively supports anti-EU, Kremlin-backed parties.
  3. Putin’s Goal: Disrupt American leadership and dominance of the global economic order.
    • Putin’s Payout: Trump is eagerly pushing for an all-out trade war with Europe
  4. Putin’s Goal: Build global resentment and distrust towards the US and stoke anti-American sentiment.
    • Putin’s Payout: America’s closest allies are explicitly suspicious and distrusting of the US because of Trump’s rhetoric and actions.
  5. Putin’s Goal: Relieve economic and domestic political pressure from US sanctions on Russia.
    • Putin’s Payout: Trump tries to roll back, impede, and blunt the impact of sanctions at every step.
  6. Putin’s Goal: Legitimize his regime in the eyes of the world.
    • Putin’s Payout: Trump repeatedly praises and defends Putin, lending the credibility of the US presidency to Putin’s standing.
  7. Putin’s Goal: Revive Russia’s status as a great power and gain international recognition for its illegal seizure of Crimea.
    • Putin’s Payout:Trump publicly says that Crimea is part of Russia and calls for Russia to be welcomed back into the international community with no concessions.
  8. Putin’s Goal: Continue to sow discord in Western democracies and avoid repercussions for interfering in American and European elections.
    • Putin’s Payout: Trump dismisses Russian interference and has done nothing to prevent future interference, putting him at odds with his own intelligence community.
  9. Putin’s Goal: Soften America’s adversarial stance toward Russia.
    • Putin’s Payout: Trump is shifting the Republican Party’s generations-long hawkish views on Russia.
  10. Putin’s Goal: Destabilize the US from within.
    • Putin’s Payout: Trump attacks US institutions while driving divisive politics and eroding democratic norms.
  11. Putin’s goal: Advance the Kremlin’s narrative to shape global perceptions.
    • Putin’s payout: Trump has repeatedly, and inexplicably, parroted Kremlin talking points across a range of global issues.
  12. Putin’s goal: Undermine international norms and democratic values abroad.
    • Putin’s payout: Trump has repeatedly failed to respond to human rights violations or support democracy abroad, creating a more permissive environment for autocrats to crack down.
      So, as you can see, we’re really f*&ked with four more years of Trump, even educated flees know this.

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