Thank You Donald Trump for revealing the truth: Republicans Are Racist.

Truth Isn’t Truth.  Alternative Facts. Liberal Press.  Look out below, here we come.

What some of you kids might not know since you’ve grown up in a world of lies that started under Ronald Reagan, is that there was a time when truth mattered.  That’s right, before “truth” was considered a “liberal threat” by the Republicans.  This all started during the Ronald Reagan administration when we were told that taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich was good for the economy.  Boy, did they pull a fast one on us there.

What’s happening in the world today is a revolution.  The people are standing up and finally demanding truth.  And for this we can thank Donald Trump because he is too stupid to hide his racist ways like the others have done so well in the past.  The fact that the Republicans are still standing behind Donald Trump shows their true colors: they’re closet racist.

Truth, is truth.

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