Just Another Day in Covid 19 Land Lead By Repubican Idiots.

Ronald Dion DeSantis brags about Florida State not having Covid19 because he’s “Governor Bad Ass.”

So Florida is now a hot spot and only two months ago the governor was ready to kick some ass because his state didn’t have it yet.  This is how the Republican mind works.  It’s the same with Climate Change: until it happens they can’t see it.  We need to stop giving these people power, they’re killing us: LITERALLY.  FLORIDA NOW HAS 3549 deaths and rising.  Thanks Governor Bad Ass.

And still Republicans won’t wear a face mask, to which I say:  it’s only  a f**king mask?  It isn’t a chastity belt, and you Trump supporters who think it means more show how stupid you and his cause are!  Trump said the Covid 19 was a Democratic plot and apparently still believes it and so doesn’t wear a mask.  Now that he knows it is not a Democratic plot but a real life public emergency, he doesn’t want to look wrong and so won’t wear one or even urge his followers to.  It’s a fool’s errand.

On a brighter note, Ghislaine Maxwell, the evil sex scout for Epstein has been arrested.  Boy, look out Donald Trump if they get her to talk, of course, they will have her killed before she goes to trial to protect Trump and Clinton’s perverted visits.  

Trump with Ghislaine and Epstein:. Need I say more.

I’ll keep chanting for truth, it seems to be working.

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