Trump’s White Supremacist Videos are the Result of Tax Cuts for The Rich.

Okay, so Trump retweeted a White Power video this morning and is saying he didn’t “hear” them scream “White Power.”  That’s the best he could do?  Here is my silent version of the clip:

Okay, so after watching the video I figured I would give Trump the benefit of the doubt and buy his line that he didn’t hear them say “White Power.”  But then, a few hours later he sends another disturbing video of two more rich white people he considers supporters, and these supporters were on the lawn of their million-dollar home with guns pointed at the protestors walking down their street.  No matter how you slice it, unless you are a White Supremacist, it is f**ked up!  Why would anyone in their right mind retweet this?  It’s ugly, aggressive, and to be honest, has inspired me to pick up a BLM sign and join in the march.  These 1% have been getting richer and richer off of our labor with their tax-cuts and think it is their God given right to shoot us when we don’t suck-up to their wealthy existence. Have a look at the silent version:

Okay, so what’s it all about?  Simple, today is June 30th, and just as on this day in 1837 the British parliament ended the use of the pillory as a means of punishment because they realized how screwed up it was; today, America is finally realizing how screwed up it is to allow wealthy people to continue pointing their guns at us to protect their tax cuts.  It’s time we tax the pants off these bastards for their own good.

I”m rich bitch!

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