Ivanka Sane

“It’s A Bible Holder.”

Joe Biden said Wednesday night that he believes if President Donald Trump loses the election and refuses to leave the White House, many of the former generals who used to work for him “will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.”

That’s right folks, that’s the world we live in here in the U.S.  If Trump wins the election there will be hell to pay for the rule of law, if he loses, we’re really, really, really, fucked.  Does anyone doubt this?  The same guy who lies to us daily about everything from the crowd sizes of his Hitler inspired speeches, to the direction of a hurricane headed for Florida.  Can you imagine having a father like that?

“Dad, can I go to the Hamptons?”

“No, daughter, there’s a hurricane coming for it.”

“Okay, I’ll order a new Max Mara Handbag online.”

“That’s a good daughter, put ‘A’ bible in it.”

Is there any wonder his daughter had the brilliant idea to bring the Bible to a Nazi photo op.

The reality of it all.

According to Refinery29:

Ivanka was shielded with her props: a mask, likely worn to appear as the responsible one compared to everybody else in her midst; that designer bag, allowing her to seem like she was prepared to offer help. Both were deployed as tools to make people see Ivanka in the role of a savior delivering them from the ongoing turmoil and chaos. But what they revealed instead were all the ways in which she, like the mask and the handbag, is also an accessory. Ivanka, after all, is an accessory to her father’s crimes, pretending to be a pretty vessel to help him look like a strongman to his base in his desperation to hold on to power in November. She hands him the Holy Book and stands by him as he encourages military violence.

Did I mention that while Ivanka was handing her father “a” fake bible, Orwellian troops were clearing out peaceful protestor with tear gas, rubber bullets, and heavy elbow.  The only thing missing was a bloody horse head.  

We’re fucked. 

On a brighter note, let’s bring back the twist in a bikini!

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