Mao Zedong and his Trump Followers Will Destroy the U.S. Period.


So they are protesting having to stay at home?  Ever wonder why?  Think about this:

….on this day in in 1966, after nearly starving China to death with his
failed “Great Leap Forward,” Mao Zedong unleashed a brand-new misery
upon his long-suffering people: a purification of communism meant to
destroy every last vestige of ancient culture of western influence. That’s right, China’s Make China Great Again campaign had begun and was very similar to what Trump and his evil followers are doing in the U.S. today.   Just as the Trump supporters are enforcing Trump’s lawlessness by showing up on city streets with assault riffles, the so-called Cultural Revolution was enforced by teenagers, transformed into Red Guards–million of whom, reporter Robert Elegant wrote, “stalked across the vast nation like hordes of enraged soldier ants.”  Okay, so it’s not the youth doing Trumps evil deeds today, but they are the same misguided type of idiots wanting destruction.

The traditional respect for elders was turned upside down in the decade-long spiral into insanity that began on May 16, 1966, with mere kids wielding ultimate control over life or death, personal property and human dignity.  With an approving wink from the supreme leader, it was a power sorely abused.  Zhang Hongbing, whose denunciation of his own mother led to her summary execution in 1970, was just one of the millions of blindly intoxicated teenagers left with the wreckage of their actions when China finally sobered up after Chairman Mao’s death in 1976.

“I see her in my dreams,” Zhang said in 2013, “just as young as she was then.  I knell on the floor, clutching her hands, for fear she will disappear.  ‘Mom,’ I cry, ‘I beg your forgiveness!”  But she doesn’t respond.  Never once has she answered me.  This is my punishment.”

So why am I writing about this today, May 16th 2020?  Here’s why:  the same “blind intoxication” that led the youth in China back then, is the “blind intoxication”  happening with Donald Trump and his armed protestors.  They are showing up at city halls with their guns and hate signs following Donald Trump’s wink.  They have no respect for the elderly who are dying because of their virus spreading ways.  They don’t give a shit about liberty, freedom, or anything else but being disruptive to the law and order which benefits the majority over a few.

Trump knows he hasn’t got a prayer to win a fair election and so is willing to destroy the country to protect his power.

It’s that simple.  The end of America starts with Donald Trump.  Thank’s a lot ass wholes.

So today is May 16.   Let’s do the “people’s” math for this day:

In 1717 on this day, French writer Francois-Marie Arouet (known to you and me as:  Voltaire) was imprisoned in the Bastille in Paris for his satirical attacks on
politics and religion.  After a year in the French prison, he continued
his epistles and was forced to flee to England.

Also on this day in 1943 the Warsaw Ghetto uprising ended as Nazi soldiers gained control of Warsaw’s Jewish ghetto in World War II.  Disease and starvation had killed thousands every month in the enclave following the German occupation.  The uprising claimed many thousands of Warsaw Jews, compared to the loss of about 300 German soldiers.

Then, on this day in 1968, in Paris, the “left” felt the burn and stood up
against the government by demanding educational reform and healthcare!
Sound familiar?  It should, it is the same f*&king thing we should
be demanding on the streets today!   Get with it before they complete
their dumbing down of us and we forget we ever had a choice.

Do it, now!   How?   Just put it on your heart and mind, the rest will
follow: as the Dali Lama says, “If you think you are too small to make a
difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”


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