San Francisco Had A Way To Deal With Crooks Like You Back In 1856 Dr Trump. I still don’t forgive you Fallon.

our government is out-of-control today, doing what it wants with no
respect for the law?   You’re not alone: even the most Republican of Republican friends I
know feel we have lost touch with reality of what is good and what is bad.  Trump has broken laws repeatedly as reported in Need To Impeach:

  • The trail of evidence starts with
    Trump’s attempt to get James Comey, the FBI director responsible for
    overseeing the investigation into Trump’s relationship with Russia
    during the 2016 election, to drop an investigation into National
    Security Advisor Michael Flynn.
  • When Comey refused, Trump fired him.
  • Trump made
    two more attempts at stopping the investigation by trying
    (unsuccessfully) to fire Robert Mueller, Comey’s predecessor. Then,
    Trump ordered White House Counsel Don McGahn to
    create a false record indicating that no attempts took place – McGahn refused.
  • Trump has repeatedly attempted to intimidate or influence witnesses in proceedings against him. 
  • In all, Robert Mueller’s investigation revealed multiple instances where there was “very substantial” evidence that Trump had committed obstruction of justice.
  • Read more about Donald Trump’s obstruction here.
  • The
    Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause prohibits the president from
    accepting personal benefits from any foreign government or official.
  • Trump has retained his ownership interests in his family business while he is in office.
  • Thus,
    every time a foreign official stays at a Trump hotel, or a foreign
    government approves a new Trump Organization project, or grants a
    trademark, Trump is in violation of the Constitution.
  • Trump has
    repeatedly pushed his properties as avenues to secure his favor, and
    multiple foreign officials have stayed at his properties while lobbying
    his administration. 

  • Trump promoted his club in Doral Florida for the 2020 G-7 Conference, and then the White House announced the multi-million dollar contract was awarded to Trump’s own resort after Trump’s suggestion. Ultimately, this contract was canceled despite his attempts to abuse his position. 
  • And every
    time he goes to golf at a Trump property, he funnels taxpayer money into
    his family business—violating the Domestic Emoluments Clause.

Federal law prohibits campaigns from soliciting or accepting anything of value from a foreign national.2016

  • Donald Trump publicly called on Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s “missing” emails on July 27, 2016. Five hours later, Russian hackers attacked Clinton’s personal office for the first time.
  • In the middle of the 2016 election,
    Trump’s son was invited to meet with a Russian national regarding
    “information that would incriminate Hillary and…would be very useful to”
    Donald Trump. Donald Trump Jr. was told it was “part of Russia and its
    government’s support for Mr. Trump.” Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and
    Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort took the meeting.
  • Paul Manafort and Rick Gates met with
    Konstantin Kilimnik, likely a Russian spy, multiple times in the summer
    of 2016 to provide him with internal campaign polling data detailing the
    Trump campaign’s midwestern strategy.


  • When Trump gave cover to the neo-Nazis
    who rioted in Charlottesville and murdered a protester, he violated his
    obligation to protect the citizenry against domestic violence.
  • When Trump
    encouraged police officers to rough up people they have under arrest,
    he violated his obligation to oversee faithful execution of the laws.
  • Trump and his rhetoric have been cited in numerous criminal proceedings as being the inspiration and justification for political violence.
  • When faced with impeachment in the House, Trump has alluded to his supporters engaging in insurrection to keep him in power – a rallying cry readily picked up by his supporters.

Abuse of Power 
  • President
    Trump threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine if its Prime Minister did
    not investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son. Using
    taxpayer dollars to manipulate an important ally against Russia and
    attack a political rival is a clear abuse of presidential power.
  • Furthermore,
    this administration tried to conceal the whistleblower complaint that
    brought this corruption to light and label the civil servant who filed
    it as partisan.
  • In
    addition, Trump’s decision to pardon Joe Arpaio, who was convicted for
    contempt of court after ignoring a court order that he stop detaining
    and searching people based on the color of their skin, amounted to an
    abuse of the pardon power that revealed his indifference to individual
    rights, equal protections, and the separation of powers.
  • Pardoning
    this conviction goes against the Fifth Amendment, which allows the
    judiciary to issue and enforce injunctions against government officials
    who flout individual rights. 
  • High-ranking
    administration officials involved in foreign affairs have signaled that
    Trump does not have the capacity to make informed decisions in the
    event of a military crisis.
  • Even worse, his actions could spark a needless confrontation stemming from misunderstanding or miscalculation.
  • We see this in full effect every time Trump tweets or makes a public statement taunting and threatening the North Korean regime.
  • The
    president may be the “Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the
    United States,” but that does not give him the right to behave in
    reckless or wanton ways that put millions of lives at risk.
  • If he is unfit to perform his duties as Commander in Chief, he cannot be allowed to remain in the position.
  • President
    Trump has repeatedly pressured the Department of Justice and the FBI to
    investigate and prosecute political adversaries like Hillary Clinton;
    the DOJ has reopened the Clinton email investigation in an attempt to scandalize his opponents.
  • This is
    not based in concerns with national security, law enforcement, or any
    other function of his office—it is an attempted power play, plain and
  • Trump also pressured the Ukrainian government
    to investigate Joe Biden, his potential opponent in the general
    election, by leveraging US military aide to help his reelection
  • Trump and Attorney General Barr have asked foreign intelligence agencies to assist in an investigation to discredit Robert Mueller, hoping to undermine the credibility of the damning Mueller Report. 
  • There’s no
    question that these actions constitute an outrageous and inappropriate
    abuse of executive branch powers and serve as clear grounds for
  • President Trump has repeatedly attacked the concept of an independent press.
  • He’s called critical coverage “fake
    news” and journalists “the enemy of the American people,” made threats
    to change libel laws and revoke licenses, and
    his battles with CNN led him to try to interfere in the AT&T/Time Warner merger.
  • His Administration has repeatedly and baselessly revoked press credentials for critical coverage.
  • He has dismissed the murder of a critical journalist, citing the economic partnership the US has with the offending nation.
  • This demonstrates his unwillingness
    to respect and uphold the Constitution, and disdain for the crucial
    foundations to our free society.
  • Donald Trump knew disclosure of his extramarital affairs with Stephanie Clifford (A.K.A. Stormy Daniels) and Karen McDougal could hurt his chances at winning the 2016 election.
  • At the direction of Trump, Michael Cohen and American Media, Inc. (AMI), the publisher of the National Enquirer
    bought the rights to the women’s stories and forced them to sign
    Non-Disclosure Agreements to prevent them from going public for the
    purpose of protecting his campaign.
  • Cohen admitted to making illegal, hush-money payments to hide Trump’s affairs in the fall of 2016, just weeks before the election.
  • Federal prosecutors, and Trump’s co-conspirators Cohen and AMI,
    all say that Cohen made the payments at Trump’s direction, “in concert
    with the campaign,” and with the intention of helping Trump win.
  • Trump made illegal reimbursements to Michael Cohen for this crime while President, discussing the illegal scheme while in the Oval Office.
  • Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator
    because he directed Cohen to “cause an unlawful corporate contribution”
    and an “excessive campaign contribution” by paying the two women hush
    money with the intent to influence the election.

So Trump is a criminal if anyone of these allegations is true — and they are —  and so the U.S. is back to its Wild Wild West days.  Not to worry, for the solution in 1856 San Francisco to halt the evil doings of the money-grabbing politicians, is still available today:

Okay, just for the record, I’m not advocating we hang the guy, I’m avocation we do something far worse:  we ignore him and those who support him, starting with Jimmy Fallon. (We don’t forgive you Fallon).

Then again, Fallon’s first guest on his new talk show was this guy:

Coinkindink?  I don’t this so. 

They use to be baseball seating buddies, such a 1%.  

~~ Dr TV Boogie

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