Will this Trump nightmare ever go away?

Someone pinch me because I have to be dreaming.  The city I live in, Dallas, is reopening like crazy.  The park was packed Sunday and all the stores are reopening.  The place I cut my hair has reopened and everything looks like business as usual before Covid 19.  The only problem, cases of Covid 19 are still on the rise?  WTF!  Who’s in control here!  Oh, that’s right, the Republicans are, never mind.

Just look at the news, the world has gone bonkers under Sir Donald Trump: In Australia, a man filmed and mocked a police officer as he was dying.  No shit!  The nut was pulled over for speeding on a highway last month.  A short while later, a truck veered into the lane and ploughed into the officers.  The pulled-over driver nut was left uninjured.  Police told a court on Monday that the nut (Mr Pusey) filmed the scene for over three minutes, during which he zoomed in on certain areas and made derogatory remarks.

If that isn’t telling of the world under a corrupt lying narcissist, how about this: some jackass in San Diego put on a KKK hood as a form of protest when told to put on a face mask at a grocery store.  No shit, of course, since he was a white man in a white hood nothing happened to him.  He said it wasn’t racial and the police said, “Okay, we thought it wasn’t.”

Speaking of white privileged, I mean, if the guy was black wearing a clown mask you think he’d not be in prison now, or worse… which brings me to the most telling symptom of a world gone mad under Sir Donald Trump.   That’s right, the Ahmuad Arbery killing in Georgia.  This killing happened in February but only got recent notability when a video of the killing serviced.  Warning, it’s disturbing:

Here’s the kicker about this, the two white gunmen in the white pickup truck who shot the black jogger, were never questioned about the killing until the video came out.  WTF!  No investigation! 

This is 2020 isn’t it?  

Will this Trump nightmare ever go away?


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