The Revolution and Liberated Woman Buddhist.


So there’s nothing new today, the Covid 19 disease is still killing more people than it should have and the Republicans are telling you that they did a “great” job.  You know, it’s like the halftime locker-room game speech by an all-white basketball team that is losing to a racially-diverse intercity school by 50 points and the team coach, Sir Donald Trump, is yelling, “Look, we may be loosing by 50 points but we’re still doing great because we don’t have to go to school with them.”

“Yeah!” the teams yells before the second half where they end up loosing by only 40 points because racially-diverse schools have a heart and don’t want them to look too bad. 

It’s always been that way, the privilege classes have depended on our compassion to stay filthy rich at our expense; how else would we take their shit for so many years without revolting?  

“We’re filthy rich because of the homeless!.. Ha, ha, ha…”

It’s true and they know it.  

Do something, stand up right now and look out the window and yell:  “I’ve had enough and I’m not taking anymore and the first step is to never vote Republican again!”



So, lets talk female Buddha Power today boys and girls, more specifically, Mandarava.  

If you’ve never heard of her, let me tell you she was a liberate woman monk long before it was cool.  

She was a princess born into wealth, but overcame that by standing up to her parents when they tried to marry her off into an arranged marriage.  

“Mandarava don’t play that shit!” she said and so made her escape.  

Of course this pissed her Alpha Dog father off and so he did what any loving father would do:  he had her thrown into jail. 

Seeing her suffering as an opportunity — as all good Buddhist do — she simply converted 800 woman to the Buddhist Mystic Law — “800 woman in prison,” apparently marijuana was a crime back then too — and they became a Dharma force to be reckoned with because her father was so overwhelmed that he gave her her freedom and she fled with the nuns to begin her life as a Bodhisattva.   

When she had completed all of her beneficial activities, it was time for
her to depart from this world. Her body became invisible and then
manifested as a sphere of light, filling the entire sky. She departed to
the Akaniṣṭa Paradise of Padmavyūha and arose as the supreme secret
consort of primordial wisdom.

~~ Buddha Bop.  


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