Donald Trump and the sinking of the Titanic on this day in history.

Since everyday is like a year with Donald Trump as president, I am going to look at him historically, today.  On this day in 2019 the Mueller Report was released which told the truth about Trump, and though 30% of the population doesn’t want to believe it, it is true that Trump conspired with a foreign country to become president.

Funny that this report would have been released on the same day of the year as the Great Earth Quake of 1906 in San Francisco.


Equally as telling is what was reported in the newspapers on this day back in 1912. 


According to “Bad Days in History” by Michael Farquhar, “J. Bruce Ismay may have survived the sinking of the Titanic, but his reputation went down with the ship.  Almost as soon as Ismay stepped off the rescue liner Carpathia with the other 705 passengers, mostly women and children who had managed to escape the domed Titanic four days earlier, the press assault begaN.  The chairman and managing director of the White Star Line was instantly transformed intro the most reviled man in the world—“

That was, until today!   Donald Trump is politicizing the Covid19 disaster maliciously.  He using the daily briefings to attach his rivals and blames everyone else for the failed responses of the U.S that happened on his watch. He says he has handled this “perfectly” and the facts prove him wrong.  

Donald Trump is a weasel.  Period!



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